Japan International Program

Japan International Program is a bilateral cooperation between Sahid Institute of Tourism and Toho International College, Tokyo, Japan.
This cooperation provide and accommodate the interest of Sahid students about Japan in language, habits and culture.
This program also allow the students to have professional experiences in Japan.

How to Join

To join this program, please collect these documents:

  • 2 copies of 
    1. Elementary School Certificate, Score and Rapport
    2. Junior High School Certificate, Score and Rapport
    3. Senior High School Certificate, Score andRapport
    4. University Diploma and Transcript
  • A copy of
    1. Birth Certificate
    2. Family Certificate
    3. ID Card
    4. Passport
  • 5 pcs photograph of 4x6 and 4x3
  • Working reference, if any
  • Name Change Certificate, if any
  • Parents Taxpayer Registration
  • Employment Certificate, if any
  • Nihongo Noriyoku Shiken / Japanesse Language Proficiency (will be obtained after the course)

The first batch with a total of 4 students from Sahid Institute of Tourism who joined Japan International Program began their life-changing journey the moment they touch down Narita International Airport, Japan.
Cheers to the lover of adventure and challenge.
1. Mahanis Ibrahim Laher
2. Ayu Komala
3. Rosetti

The 2nd batch of Japan International Program

Sekolah Tingi Pariwisata Sahid, sejak 1983

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