Program Darmasiswa 2015

Darmasiswa Program, in collaboration with BPKLN Kementrian Pendidikan dan Kebudayaan, Indonesia


One year Scholarship program without degree for Foreigner students, to learn about Indonesia including Bahasa Indonesia, Indonesian Tourism and Culture, depend on the faculty they chose. In Sahid Instiute of Tourism, you will get an opportunity of studying "Indonesian Gastronomy".


This program managed by Ministry of Education and Foreign Ministry, and provided by 45 universities all over Indonesia, including Sahid Institute of Tourism.


Annual Program, usually starts on September. Began in 2009 with a total of more than 30 foreign students who have participated at Sahid Institute of Tourism.


For all the students worldwide, especially those who have diplomatic relation with Indonesia, now up to 75 countries around the world.


To promote and attract the interest of foreign students toward Indonesian Tourism and Culture, also construct to strengthen the culture relation and understanding among participating countries.

Sahid Institute of Tourism welcome 8 students as the First Batch of Darmasiswa Scholarship Program.

They are from various country, which are Poland, Hungary, Russia, Madagascar, Gambia, Uzbekistan, Pakistan, and Serbia.

The Second batch of Darmasiswa Scholarship Program are from Dominica Republic, Russia, Hungary, United Kingdom, Poland, Slovakia, Madagascar, Cambodia, Hong Kong, and Uzbekistan

Sahid Institute of Tourism (STP Sahid Jakarta) had the honor to host the orientation program for Darmasiswa, Ministry of Education academic in the Year 2011/2012 (Second Batch). Foreign students of the Darmasiswa RI Program in the academic year of 2011/2012 had studied in 49 Higher Education Institutes in Indonesia with as many as 750 participants. The Opening Ceremony was held at Grand Sahid Jaya Hotel , Jakarta on 22 - 23 September 2011. The event was organized by the Bureau of Planning and International Cooperation (BPKLN), Ministry of Education in collaboration with STP Sahid Jakarta.

The third batch of Darmasiswa Scholarship Program came from USA, Canada, Bangladesh, Ecuador, Cambodia, Venezuela, Timor-Leste, Thailand, and Chile.

The fourth batch of Darmasiswa Scholarship Program came from Spain, Serbia, and Slovakia.

The fifth batch of Darmasiswa Scholarship Program came from France, Grenada, Uzbekistan, and Egypt.

There is also two students came as Double Degree Program collaborated with University of Angers.