Darmasiswa is a scholarship program from the Government of the Republic of Indonesia for foreign students who will learn about Indonesian culture.

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gastronomy & Culinary

For centuries Indonesia was famous for its spices. The diversity of herbs and sepices has produced authentic, unique and original flavors and aromas.

Tourism & hospitality

The diversity of Indonesian tourism destinations is produced by cultural interaction with nature that is very beautiful and charming.

bahasa dan budaya

The ethnic diversity that forms the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia produces highly diverse and meaningful cultural arts.

Our Professional Faculty Member


Front office Manager

Belkis started study in hospitality and tourism in STP Sahid from 2012.

Rustono Tempeh


Eksportir Tempe dari Jepang ini Alumni tahun 1989



Belkis started study in hospitality and tourism in STP Sahid from 2012.

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Sahid Institute of Tourism, an affiliation with Sahid Jaya Foundation, was established on March 23 1983 by Prof. Dr. H. Sukamdani S. Gitosardjono. Since then, it has been the pioneers of educational institution marked by its rapid growth of number of school with different levels, starting from primary to tertiary. One of its precious units is Sahid Institute of Tourism with its 32 years old dedication in Indonesia’s higher level education. As named, Sahid Institute of Tourism is one of the leading Tourism Institutes in Indonesia. Since the establishment, we are educating and prepare Indonesian young generation to be professional into Tourism World. As a special exceptional, on 2010 we collaborated with Indonesian Ministry of Education and started Darmasiswa Program to educate students from all over the world who interests in Indonesian Tourism including Bahasa, Gastronomy, Arts, Tourist Destination and much more. Therefore we are not only have Indonesian students but foreigner students as well. Sahid Institute of Tourism have 6 campuses spreading in Jakarta and Tangerang with the main campus in Pondok Cabe, South Tangerang. We currently have various International Programs, collaborated with Universities  of Angers - France, Toho International College - Japan, Prince Sonkla University - Thailand, and various Hospitality Industrries for Internship Abroad.

Office of International Affairs and Partnerships

We are a department at Sahid Institute of Tourism which handles International programs such as Double Degree Program (STP Sahid - D’Angers University); Japanese International Program (STP Sahid - Toho International College); and Darmasiswa Program. We also handle students Internship in Indonesia and abroad.


Ir. Kusmayadi, MM


"There's always possibility to anything that you wish for, but it depends on your attitude and how bad you'll fight for it."
Daniel S. Lim
International Office Coord.

"If you spent too much time thinking about something, you'll never get it done. Make at least one definite move daily toward your goal."
Nicko G. Saputra
Training Coordinator


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Office of International Affairs and Partnerships

Sahid Institute of Tourism